For a limited time, book your boudoir session for ONLY $199 (Normally $349) That's over 40% OFF!



For a limited time, book your boudoir session for ONLY $199 (Normally $349) That's over 40% OFF!

LIMITED TIME OFFER - only 15 spots


Your Session Includes:

– Professional Bombshell Makeover (Hair and Make-up!)

– Posing direction for EVERY Body-Type

– Complete Wardrobe Guidance
– Exclusive Access To Our Client Closet

Your $199 booking fee does not include any prints, products, or digital files. Photos and products are a separate purchase, with a minimum investment of $699. There are a limited number of these sessions available and when they are sold out, the offer closes. 

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Past Client Testimonials

“I knew nothing of posing! Katie was very good at letting me know where to put my hands. Cause thats probably like the hardest part about modeling and Katie’s the best, I promise!”


“We were nervous  coming in but like it was all out of the way as soon as you walked through the doors.”

“I didn’t know my body could look like that.”


“She is so sweet. She is so good at relaxing you. She had drinks, snacks, laid down in case you needed them, and I’ll never forget. Just one of the sweet memories of that shoot!”


We'll pose you head to toe so you can be

Picture Perfect
Every Time.

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client love notes

"Thanks for making me so comfortable throughout the whole process! I try to take care of myself the best I can but even with all of that I still have a lot of insecurities about my body.

This whole process and seeing your photos of me has created a whole new sense of self love and confidence that I did not necessarily have before. So thank you so much for all of it."
Miss K.
"I've never considered myself photogenic, or been very comfortable in front of a camera so I was a bit nervous for this boudoir shoot, but I wanted to do something special for my man overseas and also something for myself.

The shoot turned out to be an amazing experience! Not only did the pictures turn out above and beyond my expectations, but I had so much fun during the shoot."
Miss A.
"If you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, do it!! I could not have been happier with the entire experience. Nanie did an amazing job on my hair and make up and Katie did everything else!

She picked the outfits, told me how to pose, where to stand and was awesome every step of the way! It was so much fun!! Then, the pictures, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they turned out!!! She truly captured “ME” in every shot, and I can’t thank him enough."
Miss M.
"There might be magic in those lenses! I recently did a shoot and let me just say I am not the most elegant of individuals.

I was worried that once I got in front of the camera I would not know what to do and all of my shots would end up looking like Chandler on Friends with his unfortunate awkward smile. Not the case. Katie was awesome, and hair and makeup was beautiful.

They work incredibly well together and they seem to share the same creative vision and an eye for perfection. Literally all I had to do was be there, Katie guided me with all the posing in beautiful ways and made me very comfortable. I have to say it was very fun!

My photos turned out so beautifully; I was surprised I could look like that! I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a boudoir photographer."
Miss J.
"I recently lost a substantial amount of weight and felt like I didn't fully grasp what my new body looked like. I needed to see it to believe it. I needed the proof to really appreciate all my hard work. I searched around and found Katie and booked a shoot. Best decision I've ever made!

I got very nervous on the day of the shoot, I wondered if I would see what I wanted in the photos or if i was sexy enough to really do this. I was instantly more at ease after meeting Katie. She has a way of making you feel like a friend and I loved feeling as though I could be myself from the very beginning. She helped pick out outfits and once I looked into the mirror I knew this was going to be GOOD! I felt sexy and powerful during my shoot.

It was fun and exciting and so comfortable as she helped me nail every pose to perfection. After seeing the photos of myself I was in shock. I couldn't believe what she captured. I was blissfully happy just feeling my confidence rise and I couldn't stop starring at these stunning photos.

This was really me...Incredible! I can't thank Katie enough for helping me see the part of me I had been missing, for giving me strength in myself, and capturing and letting me feel true beauty. I am just so grateful I got to experience it all! Thank you!!"
Miss K.

what you should know is...

boudoir is for everyone!

You’re actually half right, half wrong. These women ARE completely gorgeous. That’s a fact! BUT THESE ARE 100%, EVERYDAY WOMEN. THESE ARE WIVES, MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS AND SO MUCH MORE!

These strong women are your local PTA Moms, nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc; these are everyday women who decided to treat themselves to so much more than just a manicure or a makeover.

about the experience

so...why boudoir?

I know what you’re thinking- “These women are gorgeous. They’re probably models who volunteered to help spice up your portfolio, and not the average women that you see at your local supermarket.”





Hi, I'm Katie.

Your Boudoir Photographer

I’m the passionate boudoir photographer behind Beau Boudoir! I have been a full-time boudoir photographer for over 8+ years and I live and breath it! I have intimately photographed over 800+ women from all shapes, sizes and ages, from 18 to 75 and have always surpassed their wildest dreams with how beautiful their images are!


My boudoir work has been published and recognized in multiple international magazines & publications and I have won numerous awards for my boudoir photography. But more importantly, I believe that all women are uniquely beautiful and aim on capturing your complete essence as a woman and bringing your ideas to life.



read what they have to say

more boudoir CLIENT LOVE NOTES

read what they have to say

more boudoir CLIENT LOVE NOTES

hear what they have to say

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love videos

“I consider myself plus size– or mini plus as I like to say– and I thought this wouldn’t be something for me but it was. It was fun and everything went wonderfully!”


“I can’t believe it’s been six or seven years since my shoot with Katie and it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I mean that… I love how things turned out.”


“Katie is an amazing person. She is very high energy, very fun, and just genuinely excited about shooting.”


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we’re here for you

Your happiness and comfort is our number one priority! Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns – We can’t wait to see you soon!

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We'll pose you head to toe so you can be

Picture Perfect
Every Time.